Co Ho is the closest coffee shop to Idaho State University (ISU) in Pocatello, Idaho (ID). We are located on the corner of 4th street and Terry.

If you are looking for the best coffee, tea, and sodas in Pocatello, search no further. We carry coffee from Desert Sun, Snake River Roasters, Pablo’s, and Steve and Harries (used for CoHo Espress-Ho). We also stock Reed’s Dairy chocolate milk for our hot chocolate and mocha drinks. We have Coconut Water, Neuro, Rock Star energy drinks, Bundaberg root beer, ginger beer, and many other delicious delights.

We also serve fresh, home-made baked goods, including vegan cookies and muffins. The cheesecakes, however, are not vegan ; )

If you like organic teas, we have several varieties of green, black (try the Earl Grey), and herbal teas. We are proud to carry Pocatello’s largest variety of loose leaf teas.

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